Customers really do say it all!

We are so blessed by the people who visit our little Cajun heaven in the heart of Billings, Montana. We cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for your love, support, and patronage. Here’s a little excerpt from a blog post written by ValBradshaw, a guest we had the privilege of serving during his travels.

I’m on a 5-day road trip to Las Vegas. That means stopping into restaurants unique to their city. One such restaurant is Cajun Phatty’s in Billings, Montana.When I saw the sign advertising Louisiana Specialty Foods, I wasn’t sure if it was a restaurant or a specialty food store, but had my fingers crossed it was a restaurant. Sure enough, I was soon chowing down on some really amazing food. I had one of the House Specialties: Shrimp and Grits. Shrimp with Andouille Sausage in a rich New Orleans sauce on top of cheesy Southern Grits. Price was very reasonable – $14.50. The portion was generous with the majority of the bowl filled with delicious cheesy grits and topped with generous servings of both the done-to-perfection shrimp & the Andouille sausage. I added take-out Red Beans and Rice for a mere $3 to serve as my lunch on the road Saturday. The service was amazing. The crisp, green salad showed up within minutes, followed not long after by the entree. Throughout the meal, the server made sure everything was going good by visiting my table regularly … it was as much a nice social visit as a was a sustenance visit!

You can read the full blog post here.