Cajun Phatty’s A Louisiana dining experience!










Cajun Culture

and eclectic cuisine!

Located in Billings, Montana, you will find an authentic menu of Louisiana favorites! Owned and operated by actual Cajuns, this food truck turned restaurant is training its customers to say "Ça c’est bon" one bowl of Gumbo and one Shrimp Po Boy at a time! Come on down and find out for yourself what all the ruckus is all about!

Truck to Table

It all started with a hope and dream to find a permanent home. And they did! But don't worry, they will still join the elite group of Food Truck wonders in Billings for events and special occasions. Find out more about the restaurant, the food truck, and anything else these crazy Cajuns are up to next!

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The Real Cajuns

Ashley Robichaux


Ashley has been working in the catering and restaurant industry for more than 30 years now, and always dreamt of starting her own business where she could make great food with crazy ideas and build relationships with her customers turned friends.

Shane Robichaux


Shane moved his family to Billings, MT in 2011 and loved the idea of him and his wife creating their own little Louisiana cuisine heaven in the middle of "da snow state". Working with Ashley on creating new recipes or learning how to use fun new kitchen equipment to create unique presentations and flavors is exactly where he wants to be.

Cajuns in Training


With Senior Montana Cajuns and new itty bitty baby Cajuns in Training, Ashley and Shane have built a brand like no other. The entire team knows how important a friendly atmosphere, quick service, and a fun time are to the customers and friends of Cajun Phatty's.